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Salaried and Locum GPs

As the statutory body representing the interests of all GPs at a local level our strength lies in our ability to represent all GPs working in general practice. Sessional GPs do not have a financial stake in any one GP practice. They can be a peripatetic locum, providing cover for absence, illness or holidays in different practices. They may also be a salaried GP employed by a practice, or an Alternative Providers Medical Service (APMS).

Salaried and locum GPs constitute an increasingly large segment of the workforce and, given the funding and workforce crisis in general practice and the expanding role of LMCs in responding to local challenges associated with fully devolved commissioning, it is more important than ever that there is good communication and engagement between sessional GPs and LMCs.

One reason that some sessional GPs may not be involved with the LMC is the perception that we only represent GP partners, or that we are unconcerned with sessional GP issues; these are both incorrect. By not engaging with the LMC, sessional GPs miss out on a range of support and opportunities.

Sessional GPs also have a great deal to offer the LMC as they often have experience of working in many different practices and so can offer advice/opinion on issues that face many GPs across the area.

It is sometimes difficult for us to obtain accurate details for the sessional GPs in our area so please ensure you give your permission to PCOs to share your contact information with the LMC.

Sessional GPs should normally join the LMC covering the area in which they work most. If most of your work is conducted in Norfolk & Waveney practices, please register as a member on this site so that you obtain the benefits of being part of the LMC (please note we verify all applications to register).

Benefits of being part of the LMC include:

  • Provision of up-to-date information and support on any changes that affect the way GPs work
  • Help to mediate between employers and salaried GPs
  • Support and advice on performers list issues
  • Education and career development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Giving voice to the concerns of sessional GPs arising from their clinical practice and taking up issues directly with relevant organisations
  • Providing a supportive and pastoral role if a GP has difficulties with their ICB or NHSE area team
  • Providing the opportunity to undertake GP leadership roles.

What sessional GPs can offer the LMC:

  • For locum GPs, experience of working in many different practices, thus the ability to offer advice or opinion on issues that face many GPs across their area
  • Sessional GPs may work part-time or hours that are different to practice hours, or have a special interest in a particular area and therefore be best placed to attend meetings on behalf of the LMC
  • Sessional GPs may be able to take on an office bearer’s role because of flexible working, whereas GP principals find it difficult because of practice or other commitments
  • This may lead to sessional GPs undertaking local and national roles such as representing their LMC on GPC.